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1) Half Day Dalian City Tour (September 5 afternoon)
We start tour from Dalian Museum(博物馆), after this the tour is followed by the scenic coastal drive along Binhai Road(滨海路), picture stop at Beida Bridge(北大桥) nick name is valentine’s Bridge, and arrive at Tiger Park(老虎滩). Let’s admire the largest animal sculpture in China—Tigers Statue.
We continue tour from Bangchui Island(棒棰岛公园), then visit Zhongshan Square(中山广场)with many outstanding ancient European style architectures descending from colonial days. We head to People's Square(人民广场), city hall as well as traffic police-girls. Dalian was very much influenced by Japan and Tsar Russia, so we end up the tour with exploring Russian Street(俄罗斯风情街)and Japanese Street(日本风情街).


After City tour, we will enjoy dinner in Dalian in a famous dumpling restaurant decorated according to traditional Chinese Qing dynasty culture.


2) Half Day Lvshun Tour (September 7 afternoon)

After the second Opium War in 1880, the British Captain William Arthur Sailed to Lvshun, he appraised there the perfect natural navy port, so later British named this city Port Arthur.
We start the tour with the bus ride to Lvshun(旅顺)which is 50 kilometers from Dalian. We deepen our history knowledge at Baiyu Mountain(白玉山)and the famous Navy Port(军港). We visit Lvshun Museum(旅顺博物馆)a historical and art museum of China. Then we have photo stop at Soviet Victory Tower(胜利塔)and Friendship Tower(友谊塔).