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Objectives and Topics

The mandatory aims of the ISIAME symposia:

  1. Stimulate the attention of researchers towards the industrial applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy.
  2. Intensify contacts and collaborations between the industrial and academic worlds.
  3. Encourage all types of developments in the technology of Mössbauer spectroscopy.
  4. Stimulate industrial laboratories to include Mössbauer spectroscopy equipments in their analytical and diagnostic systems.
  5. Allow the exchange of results on innovative materials having potential technological applications.
  6. Address the attention of researchers towards the potentialities of new techniques which can be fruitfully utilized combined with the Mössbauer Spectroscopy for solving technical problems.

This is a tentative topic list. The organizers would like to continue to discuss publicly on the symposium topics so that they can cover each area of the industrial applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy. In addition, the organizers also suggest we should appoint a Convener to each topic. The Convener should have fully information on the topic. If you would like to be a Convener of the topic, please let us know.

T1 Catalysis (jointly organized by MEDC with the 32nd DICP Symposium on Mössbauer Characterization and Catalysis)
T2 Energy (coal, oil, nuclear, solar)
T3 Environment
T4 Magnetic Materials and Superconductive Materials
T5 Biology & Biomedicine
T6 Mineralogy
T7 Corrosion
T8 Electrochemistry, Batteries, Sensors
T9 Applications Using Synchrotron Radiation
T10 Nanotechnology
T11 Metals & Alloys
T12 Methodology & Instrumentation
T13 Surface Modification
T14 New Glass and Amorphous Materials
T15 Rare Earth Materials