MERDJ's Associate Editor, Prof.Yann Garcia attending ICMES 2022

Prof. Yann Garcia, Associate Editor of MERDJ, kick off his conference visits in Saïdia, Morocco by attending ICMES 2022, International Conference on Materials and Environmental Science. He delivered a keynote lecture on a new family of sensors materials, for which Mössbauer spectroscopy play a determining role (See MERDJ Vol. 45, No 2). At the end of his lecture, he gave some words about MEDC activities. Our warmest congratulations!!!

Note'Oeil d'Afrique' journal published a newsreport  on this conference in French :


Prof. Yann Garcia surrounded by Miss Afaf Oulmidi (UCLouvain and UMP Oujda) and Mr Youssef Draoui (UMP Oujda)