Free MössWinn Training Course

Dear colleagues, hello everyone!

Thank you for your long-term support to the Mössbauer Effect Data Center. In recent years, we have had the privilege of working with Dr. Zoltán Klencsár and developed a brand new Mössbauer database system and added some new features to the database. The new features of our database are still under improvement, please continue to pay attention.

This training course will give you a completely free MossWinn spectrum fitting software ( information, by Dr. Zoltán Klencsár in English and MEDC's staff Dr. Rile Ge in Chinese with a combination of online and on site styles, interested colleagues welcome to arrange time to sign up, or arrange your team posdocs, doctoral students, master students and young scholars to sign up via the registration form by the deadline of Nov. 22th, 2022. For more details on the training course, please email to:






Nov. 24th, 2022


Introduction to Mössbauer spectrometer  & MossWinn

Dr. Zoltán Klencsár

Nov. 25th, 2022


Mössbauer spectroscopy technique & Fitting & Database

Dr. Rile Ge

As we know, Dr. Zoltán Klencsár is the developer of MössWinn spectrum fitting software, and his lectures mainly include these aspects:

- Introduction to the main Mössbauer spectrometer setups (transmission, reflection)

- Introduction to the hyperfine interactions (hyperfine magnetic interaction, quadrupole interaction, isomer shift) and to their appearance in the Mössbauer spectrum.

- Explanation of unfolded spectra and the folding and reversal procedures.

- Introduction of topics related to the calibration of the velocity axis.

- Introduction of MössWinn's data formats and special data formats.

- Introduction of MössWinn's project system, and the meaning of red, green, blue and gray framed windows.

- Introduction of the FIT menu capabilities: setting up a model in the FIT menu (large topic, among others including distributions and the MIDB)

- Evaluation functions of the fit (chi-square, sum of squares, absolute deviation)

- Introduction of the FIT menu capabilities: calibration of the velocity axis via fitting in the FIT menu.

- Introduction of the FIT menu capabilities: fitting a single calibrated spectrum (local tuning, global search)

- Calculation of the standard error of fit parameters.

- Simultaneous fitting of several spectra, exporting the results from the FIT menu.

- Application of external DLL libraries.

- Transmission integral.

- Some further examples.

Some of the above will be on pptx slides, others he will present live in MössWinn. You can have a demo version of MössWinn in which the steps he presents can be made on your own computer. Through the internet he cannot do a practice-like lecture, but he will try to help you to carry out the same steps.

The lecture of Dr. Rile Ge will focus more on the practical aspects by letting you do actual calibrations and spectrum fittings as well as by teaching you to know how to use the MEDC database. She will be there to help you with the actual operation.