MECAME2017 Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

This is to cordially invite you to participate in the MECAME 2017 conference to be held on June 5 - 7, 2017 in the "Belgium House" at the Hebrew University (HU) of Jerusalem, Safra Campus, Jerusalem, Israel. The Belgium House is the official guest house of the Safra campus of HU and has all the facilities needed to run a successful Conference. (

Following the announcement of Prof. Dr. Philip Gütlich in Cavtat (Croatia) at the end of the MECAME 2016,  MECAME 2017 will be organized to honor two distinguish researchers from the Racah Institute of Physics at the HU: Profs. E. R. Bauminger and. R. H. Herber. They are well known to the Mössbauer effect spectroscopy community. Both scientists will celebrate their 90 year anniversary during 2017 and MECAME 2017 will be dedicated to their extensive activity in this field.

As at the previous MECAME conferences, MECAME 2017 will be organized by the "LADY of MECAME" Mira Ristic and her team, whereas we - Israel Felner and Israel Nowik - will only serve as a local committee. Registration, abstract submission and all other scientific details will be announced very shortly in the web-site of MECAME 2017.

We think that Jerusalem is a well-known city which does not need any further introduction. During the conference day (the date is not yet decided) we plan a half day tour to the holy sites of the old (3000 years) city of Jerusalem, which will include Christian, and Jewish Sites, such as:  Golgotha and The Church of The Holy Sepulchre, the Last Supper Room, Via-Delarosa, the Jewish quarter, the Western Wall tunnels, and the City of David.

In addition we plan two full days of optional tours: (i) on Thursday June 8th to the Jordan River attractions, Masada and a short swim in the Dead Sea.  (ii) a tour to the cities of Caesarea and Jaffa for accompanying  persons (depends on the number of participants).

Within walking distance (200-250 meters) from the HU campus there are two 5* hotels: Ramada Jerusalem and Prima Park Hotels and 4* Jerusalem Garden Hotel (all located in Zeev Vilnay street). The latter has a reduced price for HU guests. Nearby (within 100 meters) there is the Rabin youth hostel which can accommodate up to 4 persons in a room.

We look forward to seeing you Next Year In Jerusalem (NYIJ).

                            Israel Nowik and Israel Felner

                            and MECAME 2017 organizing committee