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The Associate Editor of MERDJ with Dr. Błachowski and Prof. Dénès in Poland
Mössbauer Century Club
Dr. Gopal K. Shenoy passed away
Mössbauer Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis Published on Applied Catalysis B
Researchers in MEDC Made a New Progress in Strong Metal-Support Interactions
Welcome to our visiting scientist-Dr. Yuvaraj G
Researchers in MEDC Made a New Progress in Catalyzed Fenton-Like Reaction
Congratulations to Dr. A. S. Ganeshraja to get NSFC Research Funding (January 2017 - December 2018) for International Young Scientists (Grant no. 2161101071)
MEDC Researchers Synthesize an Au Nano-catalyst With Ultra stability and High Activity
In Memoriam Sue Forder
Postdoctoral Researcher Dr. A. S. Ganeshraja
New Research Progress in supported Au Catalyst
Progress in Mössbauer study the mechanism of Fenton-like reaction
The XIX Jacques Danon Meeting of Mössbauer Spectroscopy
Mössbauer Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis Published on Advances in Catalysis
New Research Progress in Nano-sized Gold Catalyst
Visit of Prof. Mamdouh A. Ahmed
Visit of Drs. Esen Ercan Alp,Jiyong Zhao and Wei Xu
Visiting Professor Dénes Lajos Nagy from Hungary
In Memoriam Gunther Klaus Wertheim
Prof. Dr. Saburo Nasu passed away
A New Benchmark to the Accurate Calculation of 57Fe Mössbauer Parameters with Density Funcitonal Theory
Visit of Prof. Virender K. Sharma
In Memoriam Thomas Wdowiak
In Memoriam Professor Norman Greenwood
Obituary Judith Desimoni
Obituary Professor & Dr. Leopold May
SEC Meetings Dalian
8th ISIAME Held at DICP
In Memoriam Professor Fernando González-Jiménez
Visit of Prof. Dr. Fernando González-Jiménez
In Memoriam Professor Igor Petrovich Suzdalev
In Memoriam Professor Attila Vértes
Visit of Dr. Jean-Marc Greneche
Visiting Professor Airat M. Khasanov from America
Visiting Professor Alexandre Rykov from Russian
In Memoriam Rudolf L. Mößbauer
Participation of Profs. ZHANG Tao and WANG Junhu in ICAME2011
Dr. Paulo de Souza of CSIRO visit MEDC
Mössbauer Effect Data Center (MEDC) Settled in DICP