Mössbauer Spectroscopy Handbooks    

The Mössbauer Handbooks cover a variety of specialty areas of Mössbauer spectroscopy. Each Handbook provides concise, ready access to all reference and data listings collected by the Mössbauer Effect Data Center on a specific topic. Each Handbook is available in soft cover format or in PDF format.

Mössbauer Handbooks are specially prepared at the time of order, and include all information contained in the MEDC Database as of the date of order. Handbooks can be created on almost any topic.

Each Handbook contains a Reference Listing of all references on the speciality published in the MERDJ, a Data Listing that includes sources, absorbers, isomer shifts, quadrupole splittings, and other information, a topical Subject Index, and an Author Index.

Past topics include:

  • Amorphous Materials

  • Biological Substances

  • Catalysis

  • Corrosion Studies

  • High Temperature Superconductors

  • Irradiation Experiments

  • Magnetic Hyperfine Distributions

  • Main Group Mössbauer Isotopes

  • Microcrystals

  • Mössbauer Temperatures

  • Rare Earth Mössbauer Isotopes

  • Relaxation

  • Reviews

  • Semiconductors

  • Surface Studies

  • Thin Films

  • Transition Metal Mössbauer Isotopes

  • 197Au Mössbauer Spectroscopy

  • 121Sb Mössbauer Spectroscopy

  • 119Sn Mössbauer Spectroscopy

Ordering Information

Price per Handbook        
$1000~1500(100 pages)     
5% discount       
10% discount        
15% discount      
20% discount       

To order, please email us at medc@dicp.ac.cn.

Handbooks are payable by bank transfer to belows:

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Bank: China Construction Bank Dalian Branch


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