Visit of Dr. Jean-Marc Greneche

Dr. Jean-Marc Greneche of Maine University(France), Vice-Chairman of IBAME(International Board of Applications of Mössbauer Effect), was invited by Prof. ZHANG Tao,Director of DICP, to visit the institute on 10th December. During his stay in DICP, Dr. Greneche presented a lecture titled "Magnetic Nanostructures: Characterization and Modeling". The lecture was moderated by Prof. ZHANG Tao.

After the lecture, discussions were carried out between Dr. Greneche and DICP scientists on the application of Mössbauer Effect to the area of nanostructures. Then, Prof. ZHANG Tao briefed to the French guest on the laboratories and research activities of the institute, and Prof. WANG Junhu introduced to him on the research programs of DICP in Mössbauer spectroscopy, as well as the operation of the Mössbauer Effect Data Center of IBAME, which is being administrated by DICP at present.